Stay at Rest


Don’t feed on negativity.

Keep your mind at rest.

Take in some good things,

To come out more refreshed.


If you choose to be in turmoil,

There are plenty of places to go.

Satan loves to mess up your mind,

And toss you to and fro.


Some people live in turmoil,

But don’t let them dump on you.

It is a false responsibility,

To take on their drama too.


Protect your inner peace.

Don’t let it be taken away,

By others who bombard you,

With their problems each day.


Let go and let God.

Be quiet and be still,

While God works out the problem.

Believe that He can and will.


Listen with Christian kindness,

But don’t take their burdens in.

To believe that you can change things,

Is arrogance and can lead to sin.


Give it to God in prayer,

And then go away in peace.

Jesus took away such things,

So you must give turmoil release.


Choose happiness over sadness.

Choose calm over tears.

Choose faith in God over turmoil.

Let Him cover all your fears.


TRW 7-08-17


Psalm 46:10

 Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.


We live in a world of drama, but we need to make a choice of whether we want to live in that drama, or if we purposefully let it go and choose peace. We may have friends who drain our peace, by dumping their problems on us. They cause a burden to our minds. We need to remember that God can take care of all things. Stay focused on how great God is and not on the problems that we hear about every day. When the disciples were in a big storm and thought they were going to drown, Jesus woke up and said to the sea to be still and then he went back to sleep. He was right there with Him and yet they feared. Jesus is with us every day. He said He will never leave or forsake us, so His is all we need. If we have friends who have needs, give those needs to God and then let them go. Keep your peace, rather than to dwell on things you cannot change.