The Easy Button


We want the “Easy Button”.

We want things done right now.

We may need to wait a while,

To be changed inside somehow.

Being “Saved” is the “Easy Button”.

It happens in an instant in time.

Old things are now gone,

And new things are made fine.


God is a God of process.

His timing is perfect each day.

He will provide the means.

He will open the right way.

We need to be willing to wait.

We need to learn to be still.

It is a process of learning,

How to understand God’s will.


All the saints had to learn.

They faced trials along the way.

They had to learn and grow,

And be willing to stay.

To believe in God’s mercy,

To recognize God’s grace,

There is no “Easy Button”,

To complete our earthly race.


A diamond takes fire.

It starts out fairly rough.

It is beauty under pressure.

It stays even when it gets tough.

We may need more time,

To have an attitude of change.

Talk to God every day.

As He takes the time to re-arrange.


His yoke is easy.

His burden is light.

We must be a willing vessel,

To do what is right.



Hunger and thirst for righteousness.

His Peace is worth the wait,

To see our heavenly Father,

As we go through heaven’s gate.


TRW 7-09-17


Matthew 5:6


Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled.


Being a Christian is not an “easy” fix. Being saved happens quickly, but having a deep faith takes endurance and time. We are sometimes tested in the fire of life and become stronger as we survive each trial. We find that while we were being tested, that we were not alone. The Holy Spirit was there to guide us and to keep us from falling victim to Satan’s lies. Satan tries to discourage Christians, and even taunt them about their faith. With each trial that we make it through, we become stronger and have a deeper conviction about God’s presence in our lives.