Draw Strength


Draw strength from His presence.

Draw courage from His love.

Feel His grace and covering,

Flowing down from above.

Be assured of His power.

Feel His presence today.

Know you can do all things,

Through Him as you pray.


Be encouraged for tomorrow,

When today seems like too much.

He is the strength in your step,

When you feel you need a crutch.

He is the courage in your fear.

He is the light in your dark.

He is the goal that you reach for,

When you felt you missed your mark.


You thought you knew where to go.

You thought you knew what to do,

But you found yourself lost again,

And failing to follow through.

You thought you understood His plan,

As life was flowing along,

But you lost your direction,

And things were going so wrong.


He did not close the door,

But had a different path for you.

You just have to hold on,

And let His Spirit guide you through.

Let Him be your strength.

Let Him be your light.

Allow Him to take what’s wrong,

And make it come out all right.


Wait with patience and peace,

Knowing He will open the way,

To calm all your fears,

And lighten your way.


TRW 7-11-17


Isaiah 25:4

For thou hast been a strength to the poor, a strength to the needy in his distress, a refuge from the storm, a shadow from the heat, when the blast of the terrible ones is as a storm against the wall.

Psalms 73:28 

But it is good for me to draw near to God: I have put my trust in the Lord GOD, that I may declare all thy works.

2 Samuel 22:33 

God is my strength and power: and he maketh my way perfect.

Psalms 59:9 

Because of his strength will I wait upon thee: for God is my defense.

Many times in life we feel weak and confused, and we have to turn to our ultimate power which is the Spirit of God who lives in us. Although He is with us always, we still need to call on His Name for strength and for consilience in our times of confusion. He can put all things together to make them work for our good. So many times we do not even know what is best for us, because we are thinking of gratification of the flesh (what feels good). We do not really know what God wants of us, except that it will help others along the way. We may have to go blindly along this life, calling on God’s strength, power and wisdom to be with us as we make the best choice we can with our human mind, praying that it is in harmony with God’s plan. I worked in health care taking care of the elderly for many years and I would catch myself asking God what he wanted me to do. On one such occasion, it was like He said: “Duh?” What more did I want in life but to take care of the sick and comfort their families as well as give example and comfort to the many employees that I was in charge of. I had to laugh at myself, after God opened the door to a career of giving and serving others. I finally realized He had given me a vocation, not just a job. I felt blessed that my purpose was made clear. Most people do not get that clear of an answer. Now in retirement, I am not sure what He wants me to do, except  to teach, to write, and to share, so that is what I am doing, until He calls me to do something else.